Thursday, September 9, 2010

Back on Track Again

chapter 31; 64,919 word count

Writing Tip: I'm not one to say that you have to eliminate all -ly words, but it is good to limit them.

No words came from His mouth, but still she heard Him gently command.
No word came from His mouth, but still she heard His gentle command.

How easy was that!


  1. "ly" words are like carbs: there are good ones and bad ones. The trick is to use the good ones in moderation and avoid the bad ones as much as possible. What I did during my revisions was this: I typed "ly" into the find feature on my word program which allowed me to evaluate each one on it's own merit and decide what I should keep and what I could do without. If only it were that easy with carbs!

  2. So simple yet Brilliant! :) Thank you