Saturday, August 28, 2010

Naming Characters

This is a great place to find names:

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


finished chapter 28; 58,543 word count

Writing Tip: a string of words ending in -ing really messes with the rhythm of a sentence. I even try not to have two in a row.
Example from today's writing:
"Are you proposing organizing the little band?"
"Are you proposing to organize the little band?"

Friday, August 13, 2010

think, thank, thunk

Finished chapter 25; 51817 word count

Writing Tip: Occasionally similar words will show up in a sentence and although they are not incorrect, they have an awkward sound to them. (One of the reasons for reading your work aloud.)

Original: He didn't want her to think he thought she was oddly dressed.

He didn’t need her to misconstrue his opinion. Effie wore odd combinations, but she managed to look comfortable, not self-conscious.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Writing Tools

Finished chapter 23, 47,714 word count

Writing Tip: I use YWriter5. You can get a free download from
Here are some of the features as listed on the website:
"Organise your novel using a 'project'.
Add chapters to the project.
Add scenes, characters, items and locations.
Display the word count for every file in the project, along with a total.
Saves a log file every day, showing words per file and the total. (Tracks your progress)
Saves automatic backups at user-specified intervals.
Allows multiple scenes within chapters
Viewpoint character, goal, conflict and outcome fields for each scene.
Multiple characters per scene.
Storyboard view, a visual layout of your work.
Re-order scenes within chapters.
Drag and drop of chapters, scenes, characters, items and locations.
Automatic chapter renumbering. "
The reason it is so valuable to me is my many weird names need a central place of registry, so when I'm writing chapter 23, I can go back a find out how to spell that thingymajiggy I mentioned in chapter 3. Today I couldn't remember the name of a village. I am so glad I did't have to look through pages of manuscript.

Do you have a program you use? How about sharing what it is and why you like it?