Saturday, January 21, 2012

Who is your Internal Editor?

The one thing I have learned about editing over the years is that you have to edit and publish out of your own tastes, enthusiasms, and concerns, and not out of notions or guesswork about what other people might like to read.--
Norman Cousins
(June 24, 1915 – November 30, 1990) was an American political journalist, author, professor, and world peace advocate.

I remember Mr. Cousins mostly for his practical use of this verse: A merry heart does good, like medicine, But a broken spirit dries the bones. Proverbs 17:22
You can read about that adventure here:
The Healing Power of Laughter

Experienced writers seek more knowledge, better understanding of how techniques work, and how to put them together to write more affectively. In order to maintain your own "Voice" as a writer, these cerebral influences have to be relegated to the background so a writer can just write.

Novice writers do need to absorb as much information about the skill of writing as they can. But as they practice the craft, ultimately it must be their skill, their craft, their "take" on life and how they want to express the important truths in their fiction.   

Again we must say, "Write what is on your heart, and write to an audience of One." You prepare to write your story by mastery of the art. You prepare to write to your audience by being in tune with the One.


  1. Thank you for that advice. As a girl who has been an aspiring author for eleven years, I oftentimes forget Who I'm writing for. Thank you for the reminder that came just when I needed it.
    Also, thank you for starting to post again. Even though I've never commented before, I've been reading your posts and I missed them greatly when you stopped posting. Welcome back to the blogging world!

  2. I love that last sentence. It's so true. We have to be in tune with Jesus. After all, HE is the best story teller. We should learn from HIM first then others. Thank you for this post. I think I have Kristen Lamb's voice in my head lol and I'm pretty sure I'm going to start having your voice there as well ;). God Bless!