Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Beginning of a Novel

finished chapter one; 1,806 word count

Writing Tip: I feel good. I finished the first chapter. I've introduced one of my main characters and her sidekick. I've established her "normal" world. I've indicated her immediate desire. And I've plopped in the inciting incident.
I probably should go back and put in a little more description of the characters.
I feel like saying check, check, check, check, and oops. But the oops doesn't bother me much. It's fixable. And now, NOW, I am excited about this adventure.


  1. Beginnings are both fun and frustrating. I shared the first chapter of a new book with my writing class and they want to know what happens next. That was a big encouragement, but I can't seem to get back into the momentum of the story. It'll come, I know it will!

    Blessings on your new story, Mrs P!

    Random Ruthie
    Scribe of the King

  2. The first chapter or so is always the easiest.

  3. I always have trouble with the first chapter; I guess I want it to be ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. Starting to realize that that's really not possible ... :P

  4. Excuse me, Mrs. Paul, but you haven't posted anything in nearly two weeks. I just thought I'd remind you.

  5. Danielle, many authors change the first chapter when they finish. Don't worry so much about making it perfect. Go on and write a great book, then make changes to the first.

    Alassiel, you are too good to me. Thank you for the nudge.

  6. Mrs. Paul, Writing the beginning is always seems easier for me (although I usually go back and change it later). It's writing the end that I find difficult. You may not be at or even near the end of this new book your writing, but at least you've finished others (which, by the way, are great! :) ) I was wondering, could you post something on ending a book? That would be just great!

    And by the way... *takes deep breath* You've been tagged. *lets breath out slowly*. There, I've said it at last. :) You don't have to participate if you don't want to, but it would be absolutely great if you did! Come check out my blog for the rules... (I just think it would be too long to post them here.)


  7. 'Scuse me, Mrs. Paul, but as of today it's been a month since your last post. Just a nudge. We want to know more about your next book!