Monday, March 22, 2010


The new book, Dragons of the Watch, has a goat in it. So how much do I know about goats. On a scale of one to ten, a low three. So I went to the Internet and read. Then I went to You Tube and watched goats. My next plan is to find the teen I know who raises pygmy goats and see if I can visit. I love this kind of research.


  1. I must say that goats are completely awesome (and not just because I rise them either, mind you), there's just nothing like seeing a kid goat frolicking around in spring that WON'T melt your heart. I've so far never met anyone who hasn't falling in love with my darling Oberhasli kids. Plus they have great markings and coloring - In May I'll have a fresh bunch if ever you're in the area! =)

    That picture is great – love it!

  2. Have you looked up "fainting goats" yet? You gotta check out the MythBusters clip on these guys if you haven't seen it yet:

  3. Goats are so cute! I know a couple who had milking goats (they got rid of them a year back; they're milk was actually quite delicious!). I've always wanted to get one, but my parents don't think it's a good idea since we have lots of coyotes around our place.

  4. LOL! That fainting goats video is absolutely hilarious! A while back my dad showed it to me...I'd love to see it in real life :P I wonder what wild goats do when a predator attacks them in surprise? Do you think they'd run for it or would they faint? XD Something to definitely ponder.

  5. Hey, I used to own a fainting goat! We raised him from a kid: he was so small when we first got him that he fit in a sock. He became my sisters 4-H project.

    Anyway, I learned that fainting goats were first bred and mixed into a herd of sheep so that if a predator attacked the goat would faint, the predator would eat it, and the sheep would get away. That seems so mean! Skippy was almost a member of the family... seriously, he thought he was human! Until we finally kicked him out of the house... then he thought he was a dog.

    We also had pigmi goats for awhile.

    Hey, donita. I know a family who lives not to far from me that raises goats and sells all sorts of wonderful goat products. If you like, I could talk to them for you.

  6. Star-dreamer, do you live near me? Colorado Springs. I would love to get goat products. especially cheese.