Friday, May 21, 2010


Finished chapter 4; 7,337 word count

Writing Tip: Varying the sentence structure keeps the reader interested and awake. Awake is very important. I do have a book by my bed that I read when I can't go to sleep. It cures insomnia.
Syntax (from American Heritage dictionary): The pattern of formation of sentences or phrases in a language.

Syntax has a great deal to do with your writing "voice."

Hemingway is never mistaken for William Faulkner because his syntax defined a different voice.

Example of varying syntax from Dragons of the Watch:
When she looked again, she saw that the eyes no longer blazed at her. The expression on the dragon's face was cold and unfeeling.

Better: The blazing eyes, on second examination, appeared glazed over, cold and unfeeling.

Best: On second examination, the blazing eyes appeared glazed over, cold and unfeeling.


  1. I like working out sentence length. It's like candy for the eyes. Sometimes, just a single word can pack a punch that leaves the reader breathless. It doesn't come easy. But it's worth the effort.

  2. Missing your blogs. Hope all is well at your place.