Monday, February 22, 2010

Where did it go?

Last week I worked through my edit notes and made changes in my .doc. This morning I opened it and started reading. No changes. Hmmm? Okay, now I remember. I made a new file so I could keep the original to compare with the edited version. Where is it? Nowhere!
Thankfully, I just got an online back up program that will allow me to pick a day and restore that version. Ummm. What was the name of that program? Oh yeah! History. I pull down the history thingie and look through the websites I visited last week. There it is! I click. This is the sign up page. I've already signed up. How do I get to the page that isn't a sign up page? Found it. "My account." Phew! Email address; that's easy. Password? Um? probably used the bank password. Nope. maybe used the shopping password. Nope. Probably used my oldest password because I haven't used it for a while. Nope. Where's the button that says click here if you've forgotten your password? Don't see it. Where's support? Ahhhhhh. Ohhhhhh. You have to access your account before you can get into support. maybe I used one of the passwords backward. Aha! Thirty minutes later. Found this, which led to that. That is undecipherable. Found another this, and it also led to that. That still makes no sense. Found it! Found it! Found it! Won't open. Found support. Support leads to an endless scrolldown of FAQs and outlined step by step procedures, none of which sounds any more comprehensible than instructions for assembling an electric train set. Joy! Joy! Joy! found email to support. phrased question. Erased question. I sound like an idiot. Rephrased question. Erased question. I sound like someone trying to sound like he or she knows something when he or she does not. Rephrased question. pushed send before chance to erase was taken. now I am going to go look for our puppy we got for Christmas. Oh where oh where has my little dog gone. Oh where oh where can she be? Unless she'd been sucked into cyberspace and is residing in the computer, I'll find her.


  1. Hahahaha! That is great. Sounds like something I would do, actually. Thanks for sharing that short story.

  2. Lol! I know what that's like!

  3. I am going through this with blogging - my old blog isn't happy about my new browser. My new browser generated a blog site that won't talk to Yahoo, my email account. Why can't we all just be friends in cyperspace? I can't figure it out. But I sure relate to all the password fudging and question searching. I never actually found the place to phrase my own questions. To blog or not to blog...that isn't my question. Where oh where is has my little blog gone? Not with Willtheheeler, I bet.

    Somedays I am anonymous, somedays, Kathy Hurst

  4. Missing your daily teaching post. I hope everything is all right at your place.
    I sent a proposal to Steve Laube Agency - nervous, excited, waiting. You have made a difference in my writing with your tips. Thank you.