Saturday, February 6, 2010

Rewriting for imagery

Finished Ch. 50; 88,423 word count

Writing Tip: Evolution of a sentence:

The dark night whispered with chilly breezes.
Chilly breezes whispered in the dark night.
Chilly breezes whispered among the nearby bushes.
Chilly breezes whispered among huddled bushes.


  1. ooh. Love this. Is the book done? Was trying to find the counter you talked about!

  2. Counter? Do you mean the first line of the blog where I put the chapter I'm working on and the current word count?

  3. I do so much love your blog. Your tips are wonderful!

    A. C. Ellis - Science Fiction & Mystery/Suspense

  4. I love your books soooo much!!! When do you think you will be donr with the next one?