Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Chapter 19; 33,702
Writer's Tip: Not lost like a the TV show, but a lost character. As I looked over the scene I wrote yesterday, I realized a very important minor dragon was on the first and second page, but disappeared on the third, fourth, and fifth. No, he is not gifted with invisibility. The other characters were busy, and I just forgot him. So I went back and placed him on each page. He fit into the action on each page, so it wasn't to arduous. It is not necessary for every character who is known to be in the scene to appear on every page. However, ignoring someone for three whole pages is rude. Not only you have forgotten his presence, but the reader has as well. When he suddenly appears again, it knocks the reader out of the story. And that is not good.


  1. I came over from CWGI. Love the writing advice and will link her from my editing blog.


  2. I have this same problem with some of my dog characters. If they aren't contributing to the conversation, it's difficult to remember that they're in the scene! I'm very excited about your new blog, by the way.

  3. Hmm, didn't know that. Nice to know! It will come in handy.