Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Moving on?

started chapter 35; 60,233 word count

Writing Tip: I can say that I started Chapter 35 because I put 35 in the middle of the page, hit enter and put Title, hit enter twice and moved to the left side of the page and put ho-hum.
Today was a busy day with a clinic appt. and shopping. And I fiddled with fixing up a few earlier chapters with a word here and a sentence there.
But I am ready to do 35 as evidenced by the page I set up. I almost always put ho-hum as a place setter because I definitely do not want anything ho-hum in my work and almost anything I write to replace the ho-hum will be better. I've set myself up for success.


  1. These blog posts need to have "Like" buttons!

    I am not as consistent with place setters as you are. Sometimes I'll write a nonsense word, or just one big capital letter, or a whole paragraph of meandering thoughts that have nothing to do with anything (full of movie and book quotes usually). I believe one such paragraph had a "botheration!" in it. :)

  2. I agree, Storyteller!

    I normally have trouble starting a new scene if the muse isn't tickling my brain. I think that 'ho-hum' will help. =)

  3. I use place setters throughout my first (and sonmetimes subsequent) drafts to show where something must be developed further, or further researched. I use ((??)) (with ?? being something to jog my memory,) because (( would never appear in a manuscript and is easy to search for. I just have to remember to search for it at the end, so it does not appear in the final manuscript and I clear up everything before it goes out.

  4. It's been a long time since you posted, Donita! Did the dog eat your computer?