Monday, December 28, 2009

Point of View

finished Chapter 37, started 38; 66,157 word count

Writing Tip: The point of view character must be clear to the reader at the beginning of each scene. I started a scene with:

Fenworth sat on a rock and contemplated a column he’d just sculpted from the salt-saturated sandstone.

Then realized I was not supposed to be in Fenworth's POV. (I avoid his POV at all costs. Can you imagine being trapped in his roving thought process?)
Hollee is my POV character for most of Fenworth's scenes, but she is in the other room, cooking.
So how did I fix it. With a paragraph that began:

Hollee peeked around the corner to see her wizard.

Simple. And POV purist will be satisfied.

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  1. Fantastic! I can definatly understand why you don't want to write from Fenworth's POV...that would take a coulple of re-reads to understand. :) I can't wait for Valley of Dragons to come out, you definatly have a customer here, along with a helper. I've had all my friends read your books, and "we're feathers" about your books!