Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Finished 35, started 36, 62,455 word count

Writing Tip: Reread. If I lose momentum, it helps a lot if I go back and read several chapters previous to the one that is giving me trouble. This is not a waste of time. I always edit, tweaking words and sentences and catching typos, etc while I read.
BTW, the name of the book has officially changed to Valley of Dragons.


  1. Agreed. I really helps to go back and review the story.

    Yay, we have a title! Love it.

  2. It also helps after being away from the story for awhile. Rereading gets my mind back into the tale.
    Does this new series have a title? Or is this a stand-alone title?

    Random Ruthie
    Scribe of the King

  3. I'm sure glad to hear someone else agrees that it's not a waste of time, because I do that A LOT. It helps me get back into the story, connected to the characters, and reminds me of the direction I'm heading.

    And I do like the title, too!

  4. The series title is The Chiril Chronicles

  5. Ooh, I like the title! (Keep up the good work!)

  6. I used to get frustrated when I had to reread because that usually meant that I had been away from my story too long and not doing what I should be doing--writing. But we should never use the word should... And you are right, Mrs. Paul, we are able to enhance the flow of the story as we reread and edit. Good to see your post. Hope you have a blessed Christmas! ~ J