Saturday, January 23, 2010

What's up?

finished Ch. 45; 80,603 word count

Writing Tip: This was a hard chapter, and I know why. Every scene should move the protagonist toward or away from a goal, or the scene should reveal character development. This chapter was weak in those areas. Chapters with strong ties to progress frustration, or character are much easier to write, but this is a necessary chapter and had to be written.
Why is it necessary? Because it is one of those chapters that covers what someone is doing even though what they are doing isn't that riveting. But if you don't let the reader know what this character is doing, the reader is going to be saying, "Yeah, but what about so and so? What's up with him?"
So, since I had to write about what Tipper is doing while the war is going on, I decided to put her in some danger, demonstrate what the advancing forces were like, and put in a humorous defense. I admit, that Tipper's character didn't grow. She didn't move towards any goal except to stay alive, and that is always a worthwhile goal. And the plot did not make any leaps forward. Sigh.


  1. You have so much great information, it will probably take me forever to read it all. But you've got a really good thing going here. Keep it up!
    Ps. Mind if I follow?

  2. Hello!
    So how do you get yourself to write when you just don't feel like you can? I hear a lot about writers who just sit down and force themselves to, but I don't see how that can work because, first of all, it doesn't for me. Second, if you're not enjoying it at the moment, the writing reflects that. Is there some kind of secret I'm missing out on?

  3. Sounds like a good way to spice up an otherwise quite Chapter. A minny battle and some humor ar always good! One thing though, how do you writer everyday? I have a story that I'm toying with, and I almost have to drag myself to the computer to write. Its not that I don't enjoy writing, I'm just so busy! And often I feel like my supply of creativity is dangerously low. How do you keep the "spark" going?