Friday, January 8, 2010

First sentence

finished Ch. 42; 74,968 word count

Writing Tip: It is important in a novel, a scene, a chapter to establish who, where, and mood. So as close to the first sentence as you can manage, tell the reader the setting and characters present and the mood of the passage.

Hollee hummed a sprightly tune as she followed Wizard Fenworth through the long tunnel that took them from the statue site to the surface.


  1. So...the mood of that scene is happy or relaxed because Hollee is humming?

  2. I've been struggling with first sentences. I'm going to try very hard to apply this!

  3. Wait a minute! You've tagged this post with Dragons of the Valley. I thought the title was Valley of Dragons!

  4. Well, they changed the name on me. It is now Dragons of the Valley. We did discuss the name change. Vanishing Sculptor isn't selling as well as the Dragon Chronicles. We thought having Dragon in the title would make it easier for the readers to identify the genre of the book.