Sunday, October 4, 2009


finished chapter 22; 39,809 word count

Writer's Tip: It is a good practice to end a chapter with something that motivates the reader to go on to the next chapter. It is called a cliffhanger from the old movies that ended a segment with the heroine hanging from a cliff, waiting for the hero to find her and rescue her.
I broke this rule in chapter 22. Worse than that, I ended the chapter with the heroine going to sleep. What does a reader do when the heroine goes to sleep? Well, at night, the reader is likely to close the book, turn out the light, and go to sleep, too.
But I think I may have saved the day, but adding some hints of problems to come. Here is the paragraph. Tipper is talking to her minor dragon.
"The others should catch up soon," she whispered to her crooning dragon. "Wake me when you see them. I don't like being alone." She closed her eyes. They popped open again when Rayn objected. "Of course I'm not really alone when I have you. I beg your pardon. Goodnight."


  1. You're almost to 40,000 words! Don't let any of those dragons lull you to sleep . . .

  2. I just love Rayn ... and I love that bit of dialogue ... so revealing.

  3. Cliffhangers are a lot of fun. I really enjoy writing them. But thanks for showing how to make a normally boring ending seem a little more spicy!
    In fact, thanks for all your tips! As an aspiring writer, I am learning a lot from you. It was your book DragonQuest that got me interested in fantasy, and you who inspired me to write my own stories. Now I've completed two novels (actually just finished the second today - *does a victory dance*).
    Thanks for all you do! Keep up the good work!

  4. I lov ecliff hangers! And you'er very right about non-cliff hanger endings. Its so hard not to turn the page to the next chapter, when your desperatly wanting to know what happens next!