Monday, July 5, 2010

Ellipsis or Emdash

finished chapter 10; 19,279 word count

Writing tip: Ellipsis are those three little periods that take he place of words. To make them space out when you are using word, you must type space period space period space period, or the dots scrunch up when you hit the space bar after the last period. I don't like mine scrunched up.
Emdash is a dash that is as wide as the letter m. Endash is the one that is as wide as the letter n.
Endashes are also called hyphens. And Emdash is used in dialogue when the person speaking is cut off. And abrupt ending in other words.
Ellipsis are used when the person's speech trails off.
I didn't use any emdashes today, but I did use ellipses.


“Is she . . .?’

She nodded. “Did you know they have . . .accidents?”

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  1. I'm a ellipses addict. The reason being, is that it's how many people think. It seems more realistic to me. They help the reader hear in their head the pause in speech that naturally makes it's way in there during many situations. Ellipses help show emphasis and thought behind the speech. I just love ellipses... :)