Friday, July 9, 2010

A Promise

Finished 12 and started 13; 22,937 word count

Writing Tip: I dropped a figurative time bomb on the reader. Bealomondore is talking to Effie:

" . . . And Lady Peg gave me a word to describe liars who mean no harm.”
“Liars that mean no harm?”
“When you meet Lady Peg, you will understand. She has a very unique perception of the world.”

Now that is an intriguing comment, meant to arouse the reader's curiosity. But the conversation goes off on a tangent (an important tangent. Never wasite dialog on the inane.) Several pages later, the riddle is explained. The original tease was a promise to the reader. I, as the author, have made a non-verbal agreement to answer the questions that the teaser raised in the reader's mind. If I do not fulfil the promise, then I have broken something precious between author and reader. If this happens often, the reader will not be interested in the next book. She has learned that reading my work results in a multitude of minor irritations. Who wants to spend time with someone who constantly disappoints.

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