Saturday, July 3, 2010


Finally finished Ch 9; 17,160 word count

Writing Tip: I don't really believe in writer's block. I get stuck, but I tend to think it is because of character flaws. Not the characters in my book, but flaws in me. Procrastination, laziness, distractibility, aversion to work. Anyway, when I do find myself wasting time and not "getting on with it," I close my eyes and watch the scene in my mind as if it were a movie. That usually gets me revved up again.


  1. I so agree with this! I don't really get "blocked"--it's more like I have a hard time getting away from the distractions and getting into the right mindset. Going for a walk can help a lot. And one think I've found that works well is emailing a writing buddy, venting about what I can't figure out. Usually, by the end of the email I've hit on what needs to happen next and am all psyched to get it out!

  2. Im going to try that tomorrow morning.