Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Finished chapter 17; 33,391 word count
Writers Tip: Celebrate! Writing can be lonesome, discouraging, frustrating, and non-profitable, to name just a few of the negatives that authors put up with. It is important to celebrate, enjoy each turn of phrase that is particularly appropos. Celebrate the end of a chapter. Some days you may have to celebrate the end of a paragraph. Celebrate when you character displays amazing insight, fortitude, intelliect, or discernment. Celebrate rejection letters that are from a real person, not just a copied check list that indicates your work does not fit their current needs.

Today I am celebrating being one-third done. I passed the 33,333 word in chapter 17.



  1. Congratulations!! Now if only I could pass the 10,000 word marker on my tales :P


  2. Congrats! How are you celebrating? I always drink soda out of a wine glass (often for breakfast) when I want to celebrate.

  3. Happy dancing for you and with you, Donita!